​​All Government and Payroll  Checks (First time customers)
Government and Computerized Payroll Checks (under $750.00)
Government and Computerized Payroll Checks (over $750.00)
Handwritten Payroll Checks
Insurance Checks
Money orders6%
Money orders purchased at Al's Check Cashing3%
Personal Checks ($300 or less)8%
Personal Checks (Over $300)10%
Cashier's Checks (New Customers)5%
Cashier's Checks4%
Rebates, Refunds, Attorney and Settlement Checks.5%

Privacy is our top priority
We have top notch web security and all of your information is encrypted.
We don't share your information with anyone except when required by law.
Rest easy knowing that we haven't been breached, even though your bank probably has.

Schedule of Rates

Is Check Cashing right for my Business?
Good question. For many business owners, cash flow is a huge issue. Your bank may be holding onto your operating cash, and in some cases it could prevent you from taking on bigger and better jobs. We will give your your cash same day, you can use the money as you otherwise would without the wait or overdrafts.

How do I start? What's needed?

We start by collecting required information: Social Security number, Birth date, Address, Phone Number and business documents.
We want to be sure that you are the only person who owns that business, we don't like to get involved in partnerships, just in case there is a disagreement about the company funds. This info should be on your secretary of state documents which you will be asked for, so bring proof that you are the only one.
​We have you sign a corporate amendment stating that you are the only owner, and also that the money received is for lawful use only and that the cash is business cash and should be treated as such.
We do this only once and once it is done, your checks will be cashed with your business name on them.

Is Check Cashing Expensive?

Not really when you compare to the alternatives, your bank's overdraft fees can stack up overnight, avoiding those could save you more than it costs you to cash a check. Also our rates are not a secret and are displayed in plain view, unlike your bank who buries the fees in a huge unreadable contract.

Corporate Check Cashing

Should I be skeptical?

Check Cashing stores get a bad rep in movies. I assure you our location is not like that at all. Our area is filled with hard working, friendly, blue collar people who are likely to return your wallet if you dropped it. We are located next to a bar, so sometimes there is too much fun happening outside.


Al'$ Check Cashing


Non-invasive CEO check cashing
We know that cashing checks for your business is a sensitive issue. That is why we take it seriously. We take a non-invasive stance on your relationship with your client. Where you bring client checks is your business and we take your business seriously.
​If you don't want us to contact a client, we understand, just let us know.